Open Arms

‘The Open Arms’ will be a place to eat, drink, hang out and meet up –
without the booze. There aren’t many places like that…
which is why we want to set up this one!

‘The Open Arms’ is a revolutionary new concept for Wales. It will take alcohol out of the mix to provide a welcoming and safe space where people from all walks of life can come to eat, drink, socialise and relax. ‘The Open Arms’ team will work hard to bring our customers an amazing alternative experience – we will offer an exciting range of delicious non-alcoholic drinks and a unique food menu, created with love and care using locally sourced and organic ingredients and supporting local suppliers and we will work with local community and voluntary groups to provide a range of entertaining, informative and inspirational opportunities for people. All profits from ‘The Open Arms’ will go directly back into the community by funding support for those in recovery from or affected by alcoholism, substance misuse or any form of addiction. It is hoped that ‘The Open Arms’ will enable the future sustainability of The Living Room in Cardiff, the community-based recovery centre in Cardiff, and the invaluable services which it offers those affected by addiction in South Wales.
Tell us what you think!
Whether you’re currently involved with The Living Room, are interested in a venue like ‘The Open Arms’, or think your service might like to work with us, we would love to hear your views.

We want to gather as many people’s views and opinions as possible, so we can create a vision for the venue together and better serve you, others in recovery and the wider community.

Please take a few moments to download the attached questionnaire, complete it and return it to to let us know what you think.
If you are a member of the community, click here to download the questionnaire.

If you are a current or potential partner working with people in Cardiff or the South Wales area, click here to download the questionnaire.
How can I get involved?
Tell us what you think – give us your views! You can help by completing the questionnaire above.

Help spread the word – tell people or services you know about ‘The Open Arms’, encourage them to share what they think and tell us what they would like to see it become.

Do you run a service, organisation, group or local club?
Do have access to a range of local community members?
Do you think people you work with or know would benefit from ‘The Open Arms’?

Please let them know about ‘The Open Arms’ and encourage them to complete a questionnaire and return them to us.

We are happy to come and run a short session for you to enable your service users to give their views - if you would be interested in this, please contact Wynford Ellis Owen at The Living Room.

Would you like to get more involved in taking ‘The Open Arms’ forward? If you would like to share some of your time and skills to help support The Living Room Steering Group and their work , we would love to hear from you - if you would be interested in this, please contact Wynford Ellis Owen at The Living Room

Thank you for anything you can do to support our venture.

What do we hope to achieve through ‘The Open Arms’?

People will feel welcome at ‘The Open Arms’ and view it as a safe space.

People will have an alcohol-free zone in which to meet.

People will feel less isolated and are engaged with the wider community.

People will be able to have improved mental health, to be happier and healthier.

We will promote a healthy, happy lifestyle and share positives and successes.

People will develop and maintain self-support networks.

People will be able to access a range of entertainment, activities, food and drinks.

People across South Wales will know about ‘The Open Arms’ and use it as a hub to promote and further support their recovery.

There will be enhanced dialogue and pathways between services supporting those in recovery from or affected by addiction.

Links will be established and maintained with relevant services, local community groups, suppliers and businesses.

The wider community will be more aware of the issues surrounding addictions and negative stereotypes are minimised.

People will feel a real sense of inclusivity and belonging at ‘The Open Arms’.

People will have the opportunity to develop themselves through volunteering and learning activities.

People who are currently NEET will be able to access opportunities to move closer towards education, employment, training or learning.

Profits from ‘The Open Arms’ will go back into the community through The Living Room, contributing towards the sustainability of The Living Room and its services in the future.

For more information about ‘The Open Arms’
If you think that we can help you, please contact us on the numbers opposite... The Open Arms
c/o Living Room Cardiff & The Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs
58 Richmond Road,
Cardiff CF24 3AT

Call us on 029 2049 3895

Or email us at