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The various wisdoms and thoughts of William White

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William White
William L. White is a senior research consultant at Chestnut Health Systems/Lighthouse Institute and past board chair of Recovery Communities United. He has a Master's degree in Addiction Studies and 35 years of experience in the addictions field. He has authored or coauthored more than 275 articles and monographs and thirteen books. In 2003, he received the 2003 National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers’ Michael Q. Ford Journalism Award

1. Recovery Advocacy
2. Believe it or not
3. Bford Tribute
4. Confession of an AA HIstory Buff
5. Intervention Keeley Style
6. Jacoby Club and AA
7. Listening to Meth
8. Question of Justice
9. Recovery Advocacy not Recovery Programme
10. Recovery as Heroic Journey
11 Recovery in Native America
12. Recovery Monograph
13. Recovery Revolution Philadelphia
14. Secrets of AA survival
15. Sponsorship
16. Tales from a Jag House
17. The Drunkards Club


The various wisdoms and thoughts of William White
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GOD has no denomination –
He enters into no category: Catholic, Protestant, Mohammedan or Jew
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I clench my fist on tender things,
And close my ears to silent wings,
I purse my lips at taste that’s real,
And bolt my heart on all I feel.
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Do you remember the first things you learnt about your Christian Faith? I was probably 3 or 4 years old when I was taught to say ‘God is love’ before a very well attended morning Service.
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The best description we have of God as he actually is can be found in the ‘Book of Common Prayer’:- ‘Everlasting, without body, parts or passions; of infinite power, wisdom and goodness.’ I had no difficulty in realising that I was made up of a body, even before I learnt the catechism. But trying to understand that I had a soul as well as a body proved to be more difficult and has remained so until today.
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Trust Him when dark doubts assail you,
Trust Him when your strength is small.
Trust Him when, to simply trust Him
Seems the hardest thing of all.
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