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'Stafell Fyw Caerdydd / Living Room Cardiff
An overview of the proposed day-care rehabilitation centre

The proposed 'Stafell Fyw Caerdydd / Living Room Cardiff* will be a day-care rehabilitation centre offering a free bilingual service incorporating structured programmes for anyone experiencing difficulties relating to alcohol, drugs (prescribed or illicit), or any other dependency, such as eating disorders, love and sex addiction, gambling and self-harm.

'Stafell Fyw Caerdydd / Living Room Cardiff will offer Tier 3 service provision to clients predominately from South Wales.

Key differentiators are:

  1. Treatment of the illness of addiction (not merely of the drug/dependency of choice). This approach contributes to establishing sustained recoveries, free from cross-addiction.
  2. A focus on client life issues (not just needs directly related to dependency). The changing of old thought processes and old behaviour patterns, and building on self-esteem and self-worth will be a key ingredient of the proposed Centre’s structured rehabilitation process.
  3. The provision of a  structured rehabilitation programme five days per week, and immediately accessible to the client
  4. A unique Crèche facility, which will enable marginalized parents of young children to engage in the service. The Cardiff and the South Glamorgan area has a level of teenage pregnancy which is higher than the national average. Substance abuse is often a contributing factor to the occurrence of unintended pregnancy.
  5. The provision of a service for 13 – 17 year olds.
  6. The creation and maintenance of a tailored care-plan for each client. This plan will be regularly and collaboratively reviewed by the team and the client.
  7. The provision of aftercare services. On-going support will be available for all clients as they re-engage with the community.
  8. All staff working with clients will be in recovery and working the 12 Step programme a minimum of 5 years in their own lives. They will all be professionally qualified counsellors.
  9. A bilingual service will be available.
  10. Ethos and atmosphere. The proposed service will be based on a complete acceptance and trust of the individual, regardless of background or need. It will be welcoming; non-discriminatory; non-judgemental; and based on Christian values (however full respect is afforded for the individual beliefs of staff and clients, and Christianity is not imposed on clients); individuality (as well as group support, The Living Room/Yr Ystafell Fyw  will offer one-to-one counselling and support by trained counsellors); flexibility (the project will provide a unique service for individual needs to facilitate a fuller involvement in life); and a sense of belonging (the proposed project aims to provide personal and moral support through trained staff who specialise in the treatment of addiction problems).

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