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Accepting responsibility

We appeal directly to Denominations, Churches and individuals throughout Wales to support the Council’s work through financial contributions. That will ensure that the strategy is implemented in its entirety; your practical co-operation will be just as imperative to its long-term realisation. I’d like you to note, also, that the Council acts on behalf of the churches, and that there is a need for Christian communities to accept responsibility for their part in the battle.

To help us in this exciting challenge we have appointed a Policy Advisory Group (PAG) to advise the Council on the implementation of its 3 year strategy and the direction of its future policies. The PAG members are:

  • Tim Leighton, Director of Action on Addiction's new Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies.
  • Prof David Clark, Director of Wired In, and Emeritus Professor in Psychology.
  • Dr David Best, Senior lecturer in addictions at the centre of psychiatry Birmingham University.
  • Colin Macdonald CA (Chartered Accountant)
  • Gwen Emyr, B.A. Christian worker in the Welsh medium schools in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.
  • Geraint Rees, M.A., is responsible for the Lifelong Learning service, which includes the youth service

For further information about members of PAG and the Council’s Trustees and members of the Executive Committee, please use the menu on the left.

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